Plant-Based Natural Caffeine Energy Bar

A Unique Concept.

A new kind of energy bar. The energy comes from plants not from chemicals or excessive sugar.

A Sustained energy.

Guarana & Maca are our energy bar ‘secret’ ingredients.

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2 new flavors on their way.

Both with 70% dark chocolate…


No sugar crash! No nasty ingredients!

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Better Than Coffee, BTC Bars, a new kind of energy bar.

Adopters use the words “clarity” or “focus” to describe the sensation. Check our reviews for more insights.

The energy comes from natural guarana caffeine and maca.

Better Than Coffee energy bar was especially developed for those who need an extra source of energy and do not wish to fill their bodies with chemicals and preservatives.

Guarana, maca and lower sugar content provides sustained energy without THE sugar rush.  Our unique blend makes it hard to compare with any product on the market.

Yes Better Than Coffee are vegan however, you do not need to be vegan to enjoy them!

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You are unique

Your metabolism, your level of tiredness, your use of stimulants as well as your general sensitivity to caffeine will make your experience with BTC unique. First of all, BTC is a food product, not a supplement.

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First time user? 

  • Our energy bar contains 100mg of caffeine. This is more than a shot of expresso caffeine content.
  •  To fully test BTC energizing effect, the first few times, we recommend to:
    • avoid other stimulants at the same time
    • eat our unique energy bar in the morning or early afternoon when you usually feel a little tired
    • avoid Better Than Coffee energy bar late during the day.

☀  BTC Bars were formerly known as Briskbars.
Keeping our beloved brand was not an option for trademark protection reasons. This gave us the opportunity to sharpen our claims, and make our packaging more beautiful.

This is a food product, not candy!