3 Reasons Why Starting a Business Is The Best Kind Of Exhausting

3 Reasons Why Starting a Business Is The Best Kind Of Exhausting.


Starting a business is hard work. We, at BriskBars, know exactly what we are talking about. Most of us are serial entrepreneurs and no matter how tough it gets, we know it’s worth it. When we are tired, we are also happy. Between our team we have entrepreneured (not sure that’s a word) at least 10 different projects… Here are 3 reasons, we think, make this the career path something we absolutely enjoy.

1. You enjoy the work you do

You’ve probably heard the cliché “follow your passion”. That’s not entirely the best choice. We believe in a mix of enjoyment and skills. If you follow your passion but lack the skills you will most likely not enjoy the work, and you may never take off. However, with the perfect mix of passion and skills you will love the day to day, and have a higher probability of your project taking off. If you enjoy the work, then being tired will be a reward. The best pat on the back is the one given by yourself.

  1. You have great stories to tell

When was the last time you read a book called “My life in middle management accounting: How to succeed with a ceiling”, probably never. It’s not that we do not see the value in corporate careers. Some great people have achieved some massive feats with in big companies. The problem is, that it’s not always story worthy. If you love the show Silicon Valley in HBO like we do, you know that entrepreneurship can be funny. Sure, the show is comedic glory, but trust me when I say that it’s oddly accurate. That’s why most business books we buy are from successful entrepreneurs, they have very interesting and unique stories to tell. The less you sleep the funnier your life becomes. Hard work comes with great yet exhausting experiences.


  1. You meet amazing people

When you are an entrepreneur it is your job to network like no one is watching (its what you do when you’re starting a business!). Networking can be emotionally and physically tiresome. But how else are you going to get invited to Mark Cuban’s Christmas party and have a beer with Dirk Nowitzki? OK… That may be hard to achieve for most of us, but the point remains. Shaking hands and talking to anyone that will listen can create relationships that will last a lifetime. Even if it won’t help advance your business, there is something about having friends who are as motivated and determined as you are.

If there is one message we are trying to get across (subliminally of course) is that BriskBars gives you the energy you need when working long hours and starting a business. If it is work you enjoy, then you will not mind the little sleep, you will make great connections, and have many stories to tell. If you’re going to do it, you might as well use natural plant based energy to help you through the day.

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