5 People who will suck the energy out of you at trade shows.

5 People who will suck the energy out of you at trade shows.

If you work in… well, almost any field in any industry, chances are you have been to trade shows. Personally, I loooove trade shows, its 12 hour work days that include one or two hangovers throughout the day. You make great contacts, hit on someone you probably shouldn’t hit on, and drink before 2pm on a work day. The only rule is that you’re not allowed to get weekend drunk, just work drunk.

Trade shows are truly the greatest place to network. Nothing like a building full of adults who briefly forget they are adults, and are all looking to get business done.

In my experience there is always these trade show stereotypes that can make the experience exhausting. Being able to work through the noise of these people is key in achieving your show goals. This will give you pointers on identifying this people, and of course, BriskBars helps keep your brain where it’s supposed to be.

The Perpetual Sales Person

This individual has no booth or experience in the industry, but has 500 newly printed business cards for the new “thing” he is trying to sell. He walks the floors in his perfectly pressed suite. Moving from booth to booth handing out his hot off the press business cards. He can get a little annoying. He doesn’t understand how the industry works, and is most likely behind on industry trends. In all likelihood he heard the trade show was coming and went out and got some sort of distribution deal from a factory in China. Any opportunity to make an extra buck calls his attention. Be careful what contact information you give him, as he may call you non- stop for the following month trying to get his hand in your companies cookie jar.

The Star Client

You have been desperately trying to get this person into your client list. She holds a key position in her company. She can help you close a massive deal that will not only grant you the commission of a lifetime, but will allow your company to cruise for the rest of the year. You send her a personalized invitation to stop by your booth for a drink. What you don’t realize is that out of the 5 boxes of liquor you bought for the day, she will single handedly drink one of them. She knows she holds leverage over you, and that any sign of disrespect will immediately ban you from doing business with her. The attention you give her is exhausting, but come next week you may have finally closed that deal you were working on for 8 months.

Someone’s Cousin, the Independent Consultant

This cousin is trouble, he is a consultant because his cousin has a key position as the purchaser of a big company in your industry. He has made a career in leveraging that relationship for commissions in big transactions. What you don’t realize is that half of the time, he cannot leverage that relationship as he says he can. In fact, maybe his means are not entirely legal? Watch out for the cousin, surprise law suites are common around this independent consultant.

The Queen

The Queen is untouchable. She is the biggest decision maker in the biggest and better company in the industry. She has a barrier of admin people, sales people, VPs….. the list goes on. To get to her you must either navigate the entire company ladder, call in a favor, or be the president of the world. She is stuck in the VIP room of the booth, this VIP room is even more VIP than the VIP room you actually see. Every once in a while, you see her coming out of a secret door followed by… Obama? Was she just solving income inequality? Who knows… Unicorns exist.

The “Photographer”

This guy works for a company you have never heard of, mainly because they have reverse engineered all of their products. And how you may ask? By taking pictures at trade shows and developing a copy that is half the quality and half the price. If you see a guy with a camera that doesn’t have a “press” pass coming down the aisle; watch out, send a fleet of employees to stand in front of your innovative product you launched at the show. If not… Who know? Maybe by next month you will have some competition that will give you a headache.

You will meet all these people within 3 to 5 days, not to mention you will most likely have your own goals to achieve during the show… Oh, and come Monday, you must be as fresh as ever to follow up and make some coin from the long hours you put during the show… Sounds tough right?

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