Better Than Coffee is a California based company

How did we get started?

I am a declared “recovering energy drinks addict” if we must label it. In the last years of my corporate career in Software Sales I would regularly drink energy drinks to keep up with the long days… Looking for alternatives wherever my travels brought me, I found some interesting options, none I could really carry with me at all time. One thing leading to another, 3 years and roughly 3000 homemade bars later, the concept came to life.

We partnered with a food industry expert to bring this product to life respecting some of the strictest international regulations and standards. The ingredients have been scrutinized. We went back and forward with the R&D team, refusing many recipes. The choice was made to keep the sugar content low and not add any artifical sweeteners. We also looked for a chocolate without soy lecithin… Guarana is a bitter plant. Admittedly a real challenge to keep the nutritional profile the best possible.

The world is not slowing down, we live in a fast-paced environment. The idea being Better Than Coffee, is to help us get through our busy days, with a natural alternative to energy drinks or other not-so-good-for-you products.

We chose California to set up our business. First we feel it is an amazing place to be! But also, there is a dynamic and health-conscious community here. We want to offer a great product that will fit people’s hectic life needs.

We thrive to improve and we will continue. We hope you enjoy it!