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Here is an awesome way to use our bar in your morning smoothie! (7-12-2018)

Lori Shaw does a weekly cooking video on the RP YouTube channel
and daily food and recipe posts on her IG @llshaw1

“(WBFF FOX 45 BALTIMORE) – Now that the summer months are here, many people will head outside for their workouts. Chelsea Williams from That’s Chelsea, is here with easy exercises you can do, and a great way to fuel up before you head out the door.” (7-9-2018)

Ideas to get men (and women) eating healthier. Cindy Lifestyle (6-15-2018)

This is a user review of our Dark Chocolate & Mint Flavor (September 2017).

We do not have a blog but we can across this article from the Nootropic Geek and thought it was interesting enough to share here.

It is called “Guarana Review: Not Just Caffeine (But, Yeah, It’s Mainly Caffeine)”

Knowing our brand name we loved the conclusion of course “Yes, guarana is better than coffee.

“Yes, guarana is better than coffee”The Nootropic Geek


Sarah Walters