Entertaining in-law (s). Fun or Hell?

Have you ever had to show your in-laws around? – This is probably not the way to do it.

I am not married so I’ve never had to entertain the ever dreadful in-laws. But last week I did have some friends over and F***k it was exhausting. As much as I love San Francisco, there’s only so many times you can see the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve seen it from every angle, I even found hidden beaches to see it from below….Actually, those beach hikes are pretty awesome.

Anywhoooo, It obviously started with a trip to the airport at 11 pm. Usually 11 pm involves hot chamomile tea, Hannah Barbera cartoons, and pajama pants. My work is incredibly flexible, I am lucky enough to have flexible hours and I adjust my schedule as I see fit.

Flexible schedules mean you can work at 2 am after entertaining friends. Most likely, you already work weekends, and your days off are odd Tuesdays or Mondays. In the past when my family has visited it has been pretty much the same level of activity. My mom (MY MOM IS COOLER THAN YOUR MOM) is restless, she loves to explore, ski, and knows how to throw down Mojitos. But regardless who’s visiting it always means long days and odd work hours. Energy is not a common currency then.

I love my mom and most of my friends ;). So when they visit I welcome the challenge of finding new ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Brigde (#SorryNotSorry financial district… you’re overlooking the wrong bridge). For those not from San Francisco, the financial district overlooks NOT the Golden Gate Bridge, and how many of you have heard about any other bridge? Right – None of you.

On the other hand, I can only imagine the immense levels of exhaustion of dealing with a stereotypical mother in-law. Key the phrase: “You should have married Ray Palmer… He donates to charity!” BLAH. I can picture military school grade white glove room inspections….”How do you live like this!” or even back handed compliments on dinners you slaved over for hours…”The wine is tasty, but the chicken is a little bit dry” HA! Not as dry as your attitude! But of course you can’t burn the mother in-law like that. Even if you have the burn centers on speed dial for her recovery.

The worst thing is however, is that because SF is excruciatingly expensive you don’t have a guest bedroom. So while your mother in-law enjoys your soft cuddly and comfortable bed, you’re stuck spooning pin cushions on the couch. Have you ever slept a full week on a couch!? I have and it sucks, grumpy mornings are a rule, not an exception.

We group in-law visits with tasks like saving the world or solving world hunger. It’s hard, endless, and energy draining. You need all the focus you can get. That is why we exist. BriskBars will hands down give you the energy that you need in order to not burn your mother in-law. It will also help get work done at any hour of the day.

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