Unique Blend: Guarana + Maca

This is not an ordinary energy bar.

We do not rely on sugar to provide energy. We combine two plants from South America, Guarana and Maca, to provide a unique type of energy.

Each bar contains 100mg of caffeine. The caffeine is extracted from the Guarana berries and we blend it with Maca powder. Please read below if you want to know more about the plants we are using.

We do not add additives to provide a uniform taste.

The very nature of our ingredients makes each bar unique, the taste can vary slightly. This does not alter the quality but is a sign of the natural ingredients we are sourcing.

This is a food product and the caffeine is assimilated in your body differently than with a drink. Based on our thousands of customers' feedback, maximum effect is felt when eaten on an empty stomach. If you are sensitive to caffeine 1/2 a bar maybe enough for you. It may take you few trials before knowing when it is best for you to use our product. [Check suggested times of consumption]


Our original flavor. Intense notes of 70% organic dark chocolate, lightly sweetened by coconut flakes.



Perfect balance of strong cranberry complemented by our 70% organic dark chocolate.



Our hallmark 70% dark chocolate with a minty twist that lingers on the tongue.



Robust, bittersweet coffee flavor with undertones of dark chocolate, ideal for coffee lovers.

What is GUARANA?

Guarana berries from South America have high caffeine content and are known for their stimulating effects, including an increase in cognitive capacity and physical vigor, resulting in a lucid energy boost different from the effects of caffeine from coffee. Long used by natives for stamina while hunting, guarana’s effects are smooth and gradual and not accompanied by significantly higher blood pressure, nervous sensations, anxiety, jitters or a crash.

What is MACA?

The maca plant—also from South America—exhibits an anti-tiredness effect and can reduce the effects of stress when taken regularly and has been used as both a food and a traditional medicine in the region for over 2000 years. It contains high amounts of protein and has been known to energize the central nervous system.