Life Before BriskBars – All-nighters in Grad School

Life Before BriskBars – All-nighters in Grad School

Ever pull an all-nighter? I definitely have. The worst was while in grad school, working on a ridiculous deadline for a marketing class. Before we get in to it, let’s set the mood. The professor was a little on the crazy side. It was the kind of teacher that had something to prove. Intimidation tactics were her opening strategy.


Imagine the lost love child of Napoleon and Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. I remember her asking the class if anyone could understand one of our fellow students, you know… like openly!… I wish I had taken a video and made a gif of the amount of face palms going on simultaneously. (We all did just fine)

The deadline was for an online exercise that was said to take 2-3 hours on average. The average time spent on completing the work was 10 hours.

Those days, we used to wake up at 6 AM and go to sleep close to midnight. Classes started at 8AM, finished sometime in the afternoon, and between group assignments and individual study we would end up working 12+ hour days. Coffee was our best friend. That is because BriskBars weren’t around yet.

Of course as full time students we sometimes procrastinated our work, but most of the time if we were told it would take us 3 hours, it wouldn’t take us 10. We all started to work on the assignment at about 3 pm. But when midnight rolled around there was still 20% of the work to do! And obviously by then, you are not as focused or as efficient.

Luigi and I started kicking a soccer ball around. You would imagine that a guy with a name like Luigi, from Italy, could do a trick or two… that was probably the second most disappointing thing that week. I guess Italian Soccer isn’t what it used to be.

By the time 2 AM rolled around, I must have been a lot closer to being as bald as Dr. Evil. If you ever find yourself ordering pizza at 2 AM you should probably throw the towel. Nothing good happens after 2 AM. I finally finished the work by 4 AM. And had to be in the classroom at 8.

I would argue that this is the normal life in grad school. It’s not easy, we sometimes need all the help we can get. When you start work, you initially get into the grind. At some point you peak and are at your best… But as you move on… you take a dip and become inefficient. There is a lack of focus.

That’s why we exist. Briskbars has the perfect plant based energy boost for when you need it. Whether you’re in grad school, coming of a transatlantic flight, or working in the office. We are here to help. You won’t feel the need to skydive from the top of the golden gate bridge, but you will have the focus necessary to finish any and all challenges to come.

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