Life Before BriskBars – Travel Mania

Life Before BriskBars – Travel Mania

Some of us really love to travel. We could literally live in airports. But the rest of us hate it. Either way it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Remember that time united broke a guitar? No seriously, it was a huge deal. Como se dice…? PR Nightmare?!?!

Regardless of some of the worst costumer service EVER, and a vast force of employees with need of sensitivity training, there is a lot more that can go wrong with your travel.

About a year ago I took a trip from San Francisco to Shanghai. I made the mistake of picking a seat with a LOT of leg room but next to the aircrafts lavatories (or how normal people call them, BATHROOMS). I also had a baby with her mother on the seat next to me. Somehow the jetlag was the least of my concerns. I was scheduled to be at work meeting with some pretty serious clients 1 hour from my landing in China.

If you’ve ever had the luck to visit China, you know how different it is… I personally love it, but there is definitely some things that need getting used to. Especially after a 12 hour travel day. Let’s start with the fact that my legroom was used as a line to enter the bathroom, and when there was no line, the door was always open. Out of the lavatory came a smell given by the terrible airplane food, and of course that, amongst many other things, made the baby cry.

By the time I hit China, and got off the plane, I had a not so gentle reminder of how crowded Shanghai is, and the very long lines that form with so many people. I was obviously late to the meeting. Fortunately for me, people are very understanding and it didn’t matter.
After Clark Kenting (yes, that is a verb and a hashtag) in a small closet in the airport to get into proper business attire I waited 35 minutes to get in a taxi. That is always my favorite part of any travel into China:

“Ni hao Xifu!” followed by an attempt to pronounce the street address “Shuidian lu Guanling er lu?!?” That usually takes about 10 minutes. Mandarin is a tough language to learn, but it is extremely fun to try.

Overall, this seems very basic for any transpacific or Atlantic flights. Most of us have bad luck when it comes to travel. And companies often pay for red eye flights as they are cheaper.

We would not suggest eating BriskBars during the flight, unless you have a book to read. If you are like me, sleep is king.

It would have been great to have a pack of BriskBars in my carry on. The meeting I went to, although it went well, I felt as if I was running on fumes. Coffee doesn’t help me so far into the game. But BriskBars’ plantbased energy kicks in when it has to, and gives me a focus like no other.

We are here to have your back when you need it most.

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