Missed Opportunities – Jetlagged

There ain’t no party like a BriskBars party cuz a BriskBars party don’t stop.

Obvious spelling mistakes aside, I am going to tell why that is the absolute truth. Actually, what I am going to do is tell why I wish I could tell you that first sentence was an absolute truth.

If you have ever eaten a BriskBars then you already know that BriskBars are freaking powerful. And if you ate one after 7 pm then you definitely know its a bad idea if you plan to sleep by 10.

Knowing that is true you would think I would have had one in my pocket last week when I was in Spain. I was celebrating my brother’s graduation until 7 am.

Cue the Jetlag

You simply do not drink 5 beers before lunch if you know you’re jetlagged. ROOKIE MISTAKE! But (1) I was thirsty, (2) they were free, and (3) there is something special about a Spanish tap, it’s a bi directional little thing that is very unique. It pours some amazing beer.

By the time we were done with lunch I was struggling desperately I needed to take a nap, but I needed to get some work done… after I was done with work I was able to sleep for about 45 minutes before dinner.

Dinner was a beast of its own, if there is something the Spanish are bad at is being efficient. Especially at a restaurant. It took our party 3 whole ours to finish our meal. I found that the conversation was eventually a little forced. So what do you do? You get more drinks to socially lubricate the situation.

The actual party started at midnight, like any other party you obviously show up a little late, we were there a little before 2 am (HEY EUROPE: NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER 2 AM! DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO?!). I was running on 6 hours of sleep on a total of 3 days (plane sleep doesn’t count). I wasn’t very social. There was no peaks, just valleys.

I sat in a very comfortable looking chair. Against my will — I fell asleep! I took what must have been a 45 minute nap inside a really cool club! I know right!? That’s is totally NO BUENO. By the time I woke up I had a second wind. It was 5 am and I could finally drink happy and dance like no one was watching.

Missed Opportunities

Natalia, Allaca, Gianina, Gady….. When I think about all the really good looking women I met that night… I cry. I was so tried when it mattered, that when I was finally awake and ready….. It didn’t matter.

Not only that, but the party was an open bar… at one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever been in. Until I felt better at 5, I only had 3 drinks! That’s about a drink an hour in a 75 euro open bar! What a waste! I did however, make it up in that last hour the club was open…. But can you imagine the full on rager that night could have been!?

Needless to say as a BriskBars employee with unlimited access to bars I was kicking myself the next day. How could I forget to take one with me to the party? My personal favorite application for the bars is Jetlag. They really do work. But for now, Instead of having a great story to tell….. I will forever wonder the “what ifs” of that night. Hayyyy que chicas!

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