More On Travel – Traveling On a Budget

More on travel – Traveling on a budget

We’ve talked about travel before. But it was about long airplane rides and jetlag. This post will talk about what happens after you land. Especially if you’re traveling on a budget. We’ve all done it, whether it is a 2 week road trip or the old cliché of backpacking Europe after college (Now it’s all about South East Asia). We couch surf if we can, spend nights in hostels, and find bars and coffee shops until we go back to our bed or couch of the night to sleep just a few hours.

Couch Surfing

Definitely the cheapest way to travel! It’s fun, you get to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. You hear all about their latest romantic conquests, and learn that last year you both hooked up with the same person! I believe the proper term is eskimo brothers!

Most of the time your friends have roommates that can be a little wary of travel scented old friends crashing their space. They lock doors, and only want you in the apartment when someone is. So while you wait for them to come home from work (they are real people with real jobs) you are killing hours of time in the bar down the street. Seriously, who looks at landmarks after 5 pm? It’s all about the local beer and members of the opposite sex.


Hostels are awesome, mostly when you’re in that perfect age and mentality of living like a bum. For some reason it is cooler to hear stories about shitty hostel travel, than 5 star hotel travel. Everybody likes an underdog, and backpacking through anywhere in 5 star hotels doesn’t carry the same significance. You meet other travel scented people from all over the world, you drink together, explore together, and ultimately come out with a couple more facebook friends to wish a happy birthday to once a year.


The problem is, when you are a little older and have to travel on a budget. The room smell is a lot more pungent, and showers look hazardous. That fun you used to have is no longer present, you have been spoiled by hotel spas and cappuccinos at breakfast. Hopefully, the common areas will be clean enough for you to bring out your computer and get some work done. When your done with work, you facebook the most random people you know live in the city. Having dinner with acquaintances is a nice break from that exhausting and somewhat dirty environment. But hey! 100 bucks for three nights! You seriously can’t beat that.


As I used to travel a lot for established and cash full companies, I got spoiled by nice Hotels. No matter how little I slept, the beds were comfortable, the coffee was good, and breakfast amazing. Coming back to couch surfing and hostels was a bit of a hit. I shampooed 3 times as soon as I got home! I was tired all the time, ate 4 BriskBars a day (that’s 3 more than usual!).

I had a lot of work to get done, and the environment of my travel was not an excuse not to do it! With energy being a commodity, my good old BriskBars saved my life. I did however make the mistake of giving some to a group of 20 year old Spaniards at 9 pm. They kept me up all night! The bars are powerful.

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