Moving Day Shenanigans

Moving Day Shenanigans

Everyone who has ever been poor enough to not afford movers, understands how much an apartment change can suck. I’ve been on both sides of that flip. I have hired movers and have used the classic “ill buy the pizza and beer” to get your friends to help.


Movers are expensive, you end up spending at least $200 an hours, and if you’re like me (single guy – lives alone) then that’s all it takes you. They show up to your previous place, pack your things, and put them in you new apartment. It’s simple, all you have to do is reassemble the ikea furniture, because, let’s be honest….. Single dudes do not shop anywhere else.

Outside how amazing it is to have that kind of cash for heavy lifting; setting up the new apartment, unpacking the closet, and calling AT&T for internet service (not sure who is worst in customer service… airlines or cable companies) is a bit of a drag. Seriously customer service lady! My apartment complex does not allow me to put satellites on! Stop trying to sell me Direct TV! Usually it will take me no less than two months to hang the final painting on the wall.

You’re broke, call your friends

Remember that time right after college, or in between jobs where you could not afford anything outside a value meal? We do. And moving was particularly the worst back then. Fortunately for you, your friends were also moving and also short on cash. So moving parties where a favor for favor situation.

If you are somewhat responsible you wake up before 9 am… Probably a little hungover because you were 22 and in those times, you could drink the night before moving. You pick up a u-haul, or borrow your friends pick up truck. You meet your friends back at your place to start moving. Good and reasonable people will have everything packed, and not expect you to help with that as well. But moving the couch down the spiral stairs of the town house makes you realize the value of hiring movers. Is it time for beer and pizza?!?!?!

It’s time for some selfless promotion:

If you are vegan or Kosher,  like BriskBars are… the pizza options are a little limited. You go with cheese-less or meat-less pizza – because the order isn’t coming from that brick oven restaurant with the vegan, kosher, and gluten free options. So what do you do?! You still drink the beer, most beers are vegan anyway (sorry Guinness… You were not the first… by a lot), but what do you do for food?! You have some of the celery sticks and carrots from the side order of wings?

Your friends already ate most of the BriskBars you had with you because you told them it would help them focus on the move. Which they did, but you don’t want them taking away your last bar! You eat the last bar in secret and it is enough to hold your appetite until you go home and chow down on the falafel leftovers you had from dinner last night.

YUM. Move complete. But you still want to go out on the town! And between the moving, pizza, and wings, they all crashed… I guess it’s never too late to make new friends.

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