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March 2016
Briskbars give away By Erica Finds


February 2016
Briskbars Review By Cortney Patterson

“When reading more about the Brisk Bars I found out that they really do care about their product. This came across more and more as I continued reading and found out that their energy bars are completely plant based and contain no chemical drugs or weird sugars… That being said I was sold and really needed to try this product out”

February 2016
Look at what John Allen Nelson has to say about Briskbars “Great pick me-up when I need that extra boost between meals!!!!”

February 2016
Briskbars Review  By Amanda @youbodyfest

“…made with pretty gosh darn good ingredients like coconut (first listed!)…”…”The “Brisk” in Brisk Bars refers to the energizing element. The bars contain guarana to give it 100mg of natural caffeine. A lot of energy drinks and bars give you the kick via caffeine and sugar, but Brisk Bars have only four grams of sugar–another big plus.”…”it is bitter, but not unpleasant”…”The texture is soft and chewy, which I loved.” “One thing I didn’t love was the aftertaste”…”that’s a pretty easy fix, and worth it for everything else I like about the bar”…”the ingredients list is more important to me.”

January 2016
Briskbars Review By The Savvy Mom

“Everything is easy to read “…”, I honestly expected this to taste like rabbit food but it did not, “…” “that this is something that I would invest in in the future as an alternative to coffee or other energy bars or drinks because I was really impressed with the flavor and only one bite was enough for me to feel something.

January 2016
New Year Round-Up Tools to help you keep your Resolutions By

This product crosses off three New Year’s resolutions all at once. You get to eat a better breakfast, drink less coffee and also refrain from consuming more added sugar and preservatives. “…” With the natural caffeine, the bars are not for kids. I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband sure is. He took a sample of them to work and when I asked how they were he exclaimed, with more enthusiasm that I can show here, “those bars are great!” “…”BriskBars is a product not to be missed!

December 2015
Briskbars,new kind of energy bars By

Love these new bars!  Sustained energy for hours without a sugar rush or caffeine jitters, and they’re vegan!

January 2016
Briskbars Review By

“The taste – If you’re accustomed to other chocolate based energy bars, which are essentially granola bars loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, than you will be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for something that isn’t too sweet, yet is satisfying with a little pick-me-up, that isn’t too filling, and won’t spike your glucose/insulin levels, this may be your new go-to bar.”

“The effect -“…”I felt a gradual or sustainable “caffeine buzz” that gave me a slight alertness.”..” “On the other hand, my wife took one to work and she ate it mid-afternoon, where she continued to work (she was tired) and she said they tasted great and she did feel the postive effects of the bars, as it helped her focus better, and she didn’t experience a “sugar crash”, i.e., didn’t put her in a sleep coma, and allowed her to workout in the evening…life’s small victories!!”