4 flavors. 100mg of plant-based caffeine. 0 chemicals.

The natural-tasting alternative to overly sweet energy bars. Contains 100mg of natural caffeine from guarana and maca for an invigorating energy different from coffee and energy drinks. Starting with half a bar is recommended.

All flavors contain 70% organic dark chocolate for a bittersweet taste in stark contrast to sugar-filled, less healthy energy bars and drinks.

We use dark chocolate, guarana and very little sugar, our product is bitter by the nature of its ingredients. The bitterness does not alter the quality of the product and should not be seen as a safety concern.

Dark Chocolate & Coconut

Our original flavor. Intense notes of 70% organic dark chocolate, lightly sweetened by coconut flakes.

French Roast

Rich notes of dark roast coffee give way to undertones of 70% organic dark chocolate. Robust, bittersweet flavor ideal for coffee lovers.

Dark Chocolate &Cranberry

Perfect balance of strong cranberry complemented by our 70% organic dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate & Mint

Our hallmark 70% dark chocolate with a minty twist that lingers on the tongue.