When to use Better Than Coffee Energy Bars?

Ultimately you can use our bars whenever you need an energy boost.
Because our product is unique, you may want to do some tests before finding what works best for you.
Based on customers feedback, below are the most common usages.


  • For Breakfast (Refocus)

    We recommend trying on an empty stomach for more effects. A good option to have on your bedside table, it definitely helps our founder to get out of bed after a short night! This is also caffeine on the go when you do not have to sit down to enjoy your coffee or do not want to spill it in public transports.

  • Pre-workout (Refuel)

    We strongly advise to try prior to usage in a competition context. Long distance athletes may want to split a bar to refuel during training or a race.

  • Post-workout (Refuel)

    Caffeine may be effective to refuel after an intensive workout, when you feel depleted.

  • Mid-Afternoon, at your desk (Reboot)

    Fight the afternoon slump. Avoid eating after 4pm until you know how long the caffeine lasts for you. Some users sensitive to caffeine reported a 12hrs effect! Most commonly 4-6hours. Sometimes less depending on your body tolerance.