The Die-hard Sport Fan – The Real Hero

Unsung Heroes: The Real Fan

In professional sports in this country we have the REALLY REALLY BIG HEROES. People like JJ Watt and Steph Curry. It is literally impossible to turn on the TV and not see these guys being awesome. I want to clear the air first. I am a Rockets fan, so I should by all logic hate Steph Curry, but I don’t. He is just so fun to watch. Between his handle, long range shooting, and attitude, he has become one of my favorite players of all time. But I digress…

This post is not about them, it is in fact about the unsung heroes of sports. The chronic sufferer…. The Chronic sufferer is the diehard sport fan, who win or lose, wears his colors, and will never give up hope. I am not talking about the majority of sport fan (s), NO, in no way do bandwagon fans come into play here (I’m looking at you Philly).

Anyone who has loved the Knicks in the past decade will tell you how exhausting it is to be  a sport fan of a losing franchise. However something we all have to respect is how MSG still manages to fill its seats. This post is for you. Fans who spent the money, bought the jerseys, stayed up on work nights, and no matter how much you booed Carmelo the game before, you were there to boo him again during the next home game.

Most of this exhaustion is hard to put into words, it is emotional, and no amount of coffee will make you feel better after losing to the Hornets (at home) the next day. Games are usually at 7pm or later. Which means you have to plan to stay awake at least until 11pm. That doesn’t involve the extraneous activity of pulling 12 dollars out of your wallet for a single beer. Or the traffic packed commute back home in a mob of angry fans.

Have you ever been to a South American soccer match? I have, and people sometimes get stabbed after a game. Its ridiculous, but it proves the point of emotional strain of forever loving a losing franchise. Unless you are in Philly or Boston, chances of that happening in the US are slim.

This all sounds awful! It really does, why even be a fan of sports? If most of the time it entails hard losses, stressful commutes, and dangerous environments?

Because it’s emotionally unsatisfying, and much like 50% of marriages it brings a certain kind of misery that translates to pure passion and love.

We can’t help you fix your marriage, we can’t make Dwight Howard get some hustle back. What we can do is give you the focus and energy necessary to be that sport fan. Suffer chronically without suffering at work the next day. Just because the Patriots keep cheating you out of championships doesn’t mean your work should be any worse than usual.

Eat a BriskBars to prepare you for the stadium, then eat another one to talk sh**t about your beloved franchise the next day by the water cooler.

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